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Warwick Renewables Solutions

Warwick Renewables Solutions was formed by experienced business people to effectively promote the business case for adopting the Government’s drive to reduce carbon emissions and the cost of energy. We have a holistic approach to energy management, and give help and guidance with both the renewables technologies as well as with the conventional procurement of gas and electricity. Whichever aspect of your energy management we work on with you, we guarantee that we will save or make you money – at no cost to you.

Our focus is mainly, but not exclusively, on the following low carbon technologies:
  • Solar panels to generate electricity – and pay FiT for 20 years;
  • Biomass boilers to generate heating and hot water – and pay RHI for 20 years;
  • LEDs – to drastically reduce the cost of lighting;
  • CHP and others, as appropriate.

Warwick Renewables Solutions makes sure that their clients understand how these technologies and their uptake impacts on them, and what opportunities are available to them to take advantage of what is effectively the Government’s offer of a ‘free lunch’.

The money available to the business community is potentially very substantial, and achieves two objectives: it provides a guaranteed source of funding for the next 20 years for the use of biomass and solar power; and it lowers carbon emissions, in line with the Government’s targets. A true win-win.


Warwick Renewables Solutions Ltd.
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