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Much of the sector is in a financial crisis, with Heads having to cut staff and make painful savings across their organisations.

Energy is a major cost for the sector, and ‘renewables’ present a fantastic opportunity to bring this cost under control.

Independent Schools, Colleges and UniversitiesIndependent Schools

Run as private companies or charities, they are ideally positioned to reduce their energy bills, and potentially generate very significant income from Government subsidies. There are many case studies available for your information.

Funding renewables is always an issue, but thanks to our investor partners, your school could benefit from TOTALLY FREE SOLAR PANELS.

This option ensures that your cash remains in your school, and you immediately receive the benefits of the electricity generated by the solar pv system. Our Partner will install, monitor, maintain and insure the system, freeing you from costs and responsibilities.

This is an extremely attractive option, and we will talk you through all the implications.

Biomass boilers can also be available on very similar terms, so if the premises and the existing heating system are suitable, we will let you know how to best use this technology.

LED lighting does not get any subsidies, but that is only because it is so efficient and affordable that the payback is usually achieved within 2 to 3 years. It is normally the first technology to be installed, and funding tends to be readily available.

In all cases commercial funding packages are available, and we have lenders in place to provide the requisite finance.

State Schools and Colleges

State schools are hampered by not being allowed to borrow in a conventional sense, so very often the Heads don’t know how to take advantage of the renewables.

We have access to some unique funding solutions whereby schools can obtain energy efficienttechnologies without breaking the stringent financing rules. These schemes are fully approved and endorsed by the relevant Government bodies, and the schools are actually officially encouraged to take advantage of the ‘green’ technologies.

We will go through the issues with you, explaining how the system works, and how to take advantage of it for your benefit.

The Next Step

You can get a free, no-obligation desk survey to see for which scheme(s) you institution qualifies.

It will not disrupt your teaching day, as initially we don't have to come to your premises.

If you are interested in reducing your energy costs, we will produce a brief report, free of charge, which will show you the financial benefits.

Please don’t miss out because you are unsure of the rules - give us a call, as we will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding the various possibilities, including the Free Energy Scheme for Schools.

If your premises aren’t suitable for the free option, we can show you how viable a funded solution can be, and which are the most popular ways to obtain the benefits of solar pv, LEDs, and biomass.

Registering your interest comes with no obligation, but merely allows us to discuss with you how the various schemes work, and how you may qualify for the amazing Free Solar/Biomass scheme.
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