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Solar PV
Solar PV

Solar energy is emerging as the cheapest power source – that’s according to a new study published recently. The report states that the cost of producing solar power in the UK will have declined to between 4.2 and 10.3 p/kWh by 2025, and by 2050 to as low as 2.0 to 7.4 p/kWh.

With Solar PV you can generate your own electricity, using just the power of the sun. Many SMEs, farmers, and public sector organisations are saving thousands, and also making thousands, through the use of Solar PV – while helping them meet their carbon reduction commitment at the same time. Read more

LED Lighting
LED Lighting

Up to 40% of your electricity bill may be down to your outdated lights.

Change to LEDs now and cut your electricity bill by up to 35%. LED lighting is the quick, clean and easy way to save your business money whilst saving the planet.

LED lights are 80%+ more efficient than incandescent lights, and will provide your business with an eco-friendly way to better and much less costly lighting. You now have choice of designs, which gives you more control of your lighting, helping you to enhance the working atmosphere in your office or industrial premises, and increase productivity. Read more


Biomass boilers are, without any doubt, the best ‘renewable’ heating solution available in the UK today. They have so many incredible benefits. Highly efficient, they also qualify for the Government’s Renewable Heat Incentive, providing some of the most attractive financial returns.

Biomass boilers are an eco-friendly way of obtaining heating and hot water. By burning natural products such as wood pellets, plants, straw and wood chippings, you are cutting down the cost of your traditional fossil fuels and becoming carbon-neutral. Read more


Making the change to an energy efficient, eco-friendly solution needn’t be cost-restrictive. For Businesses and Organisations not wanting to use their own cash to purchase the Solar PV system, Biomass or LEDs outright, specialist funding is available which can be tailored to be cash-flow neutral, by using flexible term, unsecured loans – with the energy bill savings and incentive payments being equal to the loan repayments.

We also have investors who will fully fund, install, insure and maintain Solar and Biomass systems, leaving the cash in your business to invest elsewhere. This is getting to be the preferred option for those whose premises qualify by size and geographical orientation. Read more


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