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LED Lighting
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LED Lighting

Change to LEDs now and cut your electricity bill by up to 20%. LED lighting is the quick, clean and easy way to save your business money whilst saving the planet.

LED lights operate at an unbelievable 80% greater efficiency than incandescent lights, and will provide your business with an eco-friendly way to better and more efficient lighting. You now have choice of designs, which gives you more control of your lighting, helping you to enhance the working atmosphere in your office and increase productivity.

WRS will do a free survey to assess your current lighting needs. We will then work with our partners to provide you with a solution that suits your office/working environment, not to mention saving you money – about 60% of your present spend on lighting!.

Benefits of LEDLED Lighting
  • LEDs can reduced electricity cost by up to 60%
  • Improved lighting levels and ambiance - increase productivity!
  • Cut maintenance cost and time
  • CO2 savings, clean, eco-friendly solution
  • No disruption to your business

Registering your interest below comes with no obligation but merely allows us to discuss with you how the scheme works and how you can take full advantage of this fantastic scheme.


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