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Making the change to an energy efficient, eco-friendly solution needn’t be cost-restrictive. For Businesses and Organisations not wanting to use their own cash to purchase the Solar PV system outright, outside funding is available which can be tailored to be cash-flow neutral, by using flexible term, unsecured loans – the energy bill savings and incentive payments would be equal to the loan repayments.

We also have investors who will fund the system, leaving the cash in your business to invest elsewhere.

Option 1

Purchase the system outright with your own cash and received the full benefits of the FiT, which will give you an immediate additional income stream and shows the best ROI;

Option 2 – Finance Package

Take out a lease/loan tailored to your cash-flow. This is the most popular option, producing excellent ROI.

Option 3 - Free Solar

We have investment partner companies who can supply, subject to satisfactory premises survey, a totally FREE Solar PV system, and then provide a very substantial discount on the electricity generated by it.

This option ensures that your cash remains in your Organisation; you receive the benefits immediately in the form of reduced energy bills, and the carbon savings produced by the Solar PV system - without any cost or responsibility, as our partner will install, monitor, maintain and insure the solar pv system. And at the end of the 20 years, they will gift you the system, which will continue to generate electricity for another 10 -20 years.

Registering your interest below comes with no obligation but merely allows us to discuss with you how the scheme works and how you can take full advantage of this fantastic scheme.


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