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Devizes School – 50 kWDevizes School Devizes, Wiltshire
  • IDDEA installed 50 kW of PV for this state owned secondary school
  • The school benefits from a PPA agreement so started receiving benefits from day one
  • The system was mounted on the flat roof of main building, using specifically calculated ballast to fix the panels and rubber pads to protect the roof surface
  • Annual generation 43,710 kWh
  • CO2 savings 27543 kg/a
Dauntsey’s School – 100 kW Dauntsey’s School Market Lavington, Wiltshire
  • The system was split over two mpans to maximise electricity savings and FiT income
  • A bespoke inverter configuration was used to achieve high efficiency across multiple roofs
  • Annual generation 89,510 kWh
  • Carbon dioxide saved 71,845 kg/a
Bulmershe School – 12 kW Bulmershe School Reading
  • IDDEA installed 48 x 250W panels to the flat roof of the new 6th form block
  • A live public display was installed in the entrance hall to generate awareness among pupils and staff
  • Annual generation 10,944 kWh
  • Carbon dioxide saved 9,702 kg/a
Cutteslowe School – 9.6 kW Cutteslowe School Oxford
  • IDDEA installed 32 x 300W panels to the schools new extension
  • Boarded walkways were used during the installation to protect the delicate standing seam roof
  • Annual generation 9,460 kWh
  • CO2 saved 5,841 kg/a

Worths Farm Worths Farm

Worths Farm, a large arable farm in Lincolnshire, consumes a significant amount of electricity running refrigeration equipment and grain dryers, particularly over the harvest season. The 50kWp solar PV system, installed at no cost to the tenant farmer provides discounted green electricity under a Power Purchase Agreement.

The solar PV system meets approximately 20% of the total annual site demand.

“Right from our initial contact with Toby and his team, we were impressed with the knowledgeable, open and transparent way they worked with us.

Once they fully understood our business, our electricity usage and what we were looking to achieve from installing the PV, they set about designing a range of suitable options for us to consider.

System Specification
  • Size of system: 150kWp
  • Equipment: Kioto
  • Forecast Output: 132,002 kWh/annum
  • Carbon saving: 58.8 tonnes/annum
  • Year 1 performance vs forecast: 108%
Richard Tinsley, Owner
Worths Farm
Hampshire Golf Club Richard Tinsley

The Hampshire Golf club is set in 240 acres of countryside in the Test Valley, near Andover. Faced with increasing electricity costs, the club decided to install a 30kWp system across the driving range shelter and greenkeeper’s workshop under REI’s fully funded Power Purchase Scheme.

The system is currently generating 30% of the Club’s electricity demand. This power is provided to the club at a significant discount compared to their normal grid tariff, leading to instant meaningful savings on electricity costs, without any capital investment whatsoever.

After 20 years, the club will take ownership of the system with free solar energy for the remaining life of the equipment - typically another 15 years.

System Specification
  • Size of system: 30kWp
  • Forecast output: 27,279kWh per annum
  • Carbon saving: 12.1 tonnes CO2e per annum
  • 20-year saving: £86,140.00
  • Reduction on electricity costs: 20%
Jonathan Spencer, Owner
The Hampshire Golf Club
Hendy Group Jonathan Spencer

The cutting-edge solar power system was fitted free of charge on the roof of the Hendy Group’s Van and Truck Centre in Chandler’s Ford, near Southampton.

John Hendy, systems and resources director at the Hendy Group, said: “As a company we have been keen to adopt innovative technology over the years.

“We are also focused on being environmentally friendly so the time seemed right to take advantage of REI’s solar power purchase scheme. “It is still early days but we are very pleased and are looking to introduce it at our other sites.”

System Specification
  • Size of system : 50kWp
  • Equipment : Canadian Solar
  • Forecast Output : 46,890kWh/annum
  • Carbon saving : 18.8 tonnes/annum
  • Forecast 20-year saving : £114,000
John Hendy, Systems & Resources Director
Hendy Group
Goring & Streatley Golf Club John Hendy

A golf club has teed up savings on its electricity costs with a cutting edge solar power system on its clubhouse roof.

Under the agreement, the club will purchase clean, green electricity from REI at a heavily discounted rate before taking ownership of the system entirely in 20 years. The system will generate 15,000 kWh per annum.

The Goring and Streatley Golf Club, between Didcot and Reading in West Berkshire, was established in 1895 and has nearly 700 members.

Club manager Mike Evans said: “The solar PV system was a zero investment for us so it was a very easy decision. “It has green benefits and financial benefits, and we have also had really positive feedback from members.”

System Specification
  • Size of system : 17kWp
  • Equipment : ET Solar
  • Forecast Output : 15,045kWh/annum
  • Carbon saving : 6.7tonnes/annum
Mike Evans, Club Manager
Goring and Streatley Golf Club
Holiday Inn Express, Nuneaton

Discover how Holiday Inn Express are making big energy savings with the use of solar energy Mike Evans

System Specification
  • Size of system: 50 kWp
  • Solar Panels: 192 Jinko 260 W
  • Annual Electricity Generation: 49,650 kWh
  • Funding Method: Capital Purchase
  • System Owner: Holiday Inn Express, Nuneaton
Gavin Elliott, Managing Director. Alder Hospitality
Staunton Garden Centre Gavin Elliott

Owners Brian and Lynn Lewis are purchasing zero carbon electricity from REI at a heavily discounted rate under its Solar Power Purchase Scheme.

The roof-mounted solar 27kilowatt peak (kWp) system will generate 24,489 kWh of clean green energy per annum, nearly half of the garden centre’s annual 56,000 kWh usage.

That is forecasted to cut an estimated £63,000 from the business’s electricity bills over the next 20 years, as well as save c.9.8 tonnes of carbon (CO2e) from entering the atmosphere every year.

Known for its giant geraniums, the garden centre would have had to pay c.£33,000 to fund the capital costs of installing the system without REI’s innovative funding model.

System Specification
  • Size of system: 27kWp
  • Forecast Output: 24,489 kWh/annum
  • Carbon saving: 9.8 tonnes Co2/annum
  • Forecast 20-year saving: £63,704

Brian, who started the two-acre garden centre near Gloucester 35 years ago, said:

Brian Lewis, Owner
Staunton Garden Centre
Seymac Distribution Services Brian Lewis

A tourism information company is harnessing the power of the sun to drive its leaflet distribution business forward in Cornwall.

Environmentally friendly Seymac Distribution Services has enhanced its green credentials by having 120 solar photovoltaic (PV) panels fitted on the roof of the company’s 12,000sqft warehouse on the Treleigh Industrial Estate in Redruth.

Seymac would have faced a £35,000 bill to pay for the capital costs of installing the system without REI’s innovative funding model. The business will purchase zero carbon electricity from renewable energy investor and developer REI at a heavily discounted rate under its Solar Power Purchase Scheme. It will then take ownership of the system entirely in 20 years.

System Specification
  • Size of system: 30kWp
  • Forecast Output: 29,100 kWh/annum
  • Carbon saving: 7.8 tonnes Co2/annum
  • Forecast 20-year saving: £54,823
Tina Seymour, Managing Director
Seymac Distribution Services
Tyne Valley Motor Homes Tina Seymour

Tyne Valley Motor Homes specialise in new and used motor homes. Based in the North East, TVMH’s family run company is now celebrating 18 successful years in business.

TVMH like many businesses, realised the increasing impact their electricity bills were having on their overall running costs and started investigating ways of trying to reduce their outgoings.

Solar PV was considered as one such technology they could install. However, having invested heavily in their new premises, they didn’t have the available cash to purchase a system outright and sought to find an alternative means of funding their system.

The result; REI has fully funded the installation for TVMH, resulting in them seeing their grid tariff reduce by over 50%. TVMH are forecast to achieve savings in their total electricity bill of over £110k during the course of the next 20 years, all of which has been achieved without them having to invest any capital whatsoever.

System Specification
  • Size of system: 30kWp
  • Forecast Output: 29,100 kWh/annum
  • Carbon saving: 9.7 tonnes Co2/annum
  • Forecast 20-year saving: £84,887
Camlab Camlab

Camlab, headquartered in Cambridge, has been supplying water testing and laboratory equipment globally for nearly 50 years.

Faced with spiralling electricity costs and a significant carbon footprint, they decided to utilise their sizeable roofspace to harness the power of the sun. REI, who offer an innovative, fully funded solution, fitted 560 panels onto the Camlab roofspace, which will produce zero carbon, heavily discounted electricity for the next 20 years. After this time the system will be gifted to Camlab who will then continue to benefit from savings during the following 10 – 15 years.

System Specification
  • Size of system: 140 kWp
  • Forecast 20-year saving: £208,916
  • Carbon saving: 35.1 tonnes Co2/annum
  • 20 year saving: £171,021
Toby Smith, Projects Director
AWM Building Maintenance Toby Smith

AWM windows are a manufacturer and installer of bespoke UPVC windows in Doncaster who were established in 2003 and have around 65 employees. From their Yorkshire base close to major motorway networks they are situated well to support clients throughout the UK.

Being involved in energy conservation they wished to address rising energy prices themselves as well as investing in a sustainable technology supporting their environmental commitment policy. Environmentally friendly AWM were able to ‘invest’ in their sustainable commitment policy by having 80 panels solar photovoltaic (PV) panels installed on their premises, without any financial outlay whatsoever. This allowed them to free up funds for other environmental projects.

AWM will purchase zero carbon electricity from renewable energy investor REI at a heavily discounted rate under its Solar Power Purchase Scheme for 20 years. Thereafter it will take full ownership of the system and enjoy free energy from the solar PV panels into the future.

System Specification
  • Size of system: 20 kWp
  • Forecast Output: 17,600 kWh
  • Carbon savings: 7.1 tonnes Co2/annum
  • 20 year saving: £52,356

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